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Lounger TROPICANA rocking chair

Krzełko do karmienia Baby Tiger BENJI kolor różowy

Every parent sometimes needs a break. The TROPICANA rocker will leave the parents free, and the little ones will have a lot of joy and fun, allowing them to accompany their parents. The rocker comes with a fully detachable headband, to which you can attach two toys: a mirror and a rustling book. The rocker-rocker is equipped with a playing panel with 8 melodies pleasant to the ear. You can also set 3 levels of vibration - they have a calming effect on the baby. The child's safety is ensured not only by a high-quality frame, but also by safe materials and 3-point belts with a wide crotch strap. The TROPICANA rocker-bouncer is made of easy-to-clean, quick-drying materials. Thanks to its small size and low weight, the bouncer is easy to carry and convenient to take with you on a trip. The rocker is thematically matched to the TROPICANA mat - together they will create a beautiful set.


  • The control panel has 8 melodies that will interest your baby.
  • The rocker has 3 levels of vibration intensity regulation that will soothe the child.
  • The set includes a headband with 2 toys (a mirror and a rustling book).
  • The headband is easy to disassemble. Rubber feet ensure the bouncer's stability
  • It is equipped with a 3-point seat belt with a wide crotch protector.
  • It supports the child's sensory integration and supports psychomotor development.
  • Easy-to-clean, quick-drying material.
  • Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the European safety standard EN 12790. Light - good for trips.
  • The deckchair has an original, exotic style.
Fotelik samochodowy Baby Tiger Mali pasy bezpieczeństwa


The TROPICANA cradle-rocker has small dimensions and is light. Thanks to this, it is easy to move it from place to place - e.g. from a child's room to the living room or parents' bedroom. In addition, you can take it with you on vacation: your little one will be happier when he has something familiar with him.

Fotelik samochodowy Baby Tiger Mali kolor czerwono-czarny dla dzieci od 9 kg do 36 kg

Supports the child's development

The headband is equipped with 2 toys that support psychomotor development. A rustling book and a mirror will surely interest the toddler and allow him to shape the sense of hearing and touch, while the beautiful design will support the development of the sense of sight.

Fotelik samochodowy Mali z wkładkami które można usunąć kiedy dziecko urośnie

8 melodies

The cradle-rocker is equipped with a panel with up to 8 melodies. They are quiet, pleasant to the ear and will certainly diversify the baby's rocking fun.

Fotelik samochodowy Mali z regulacja zagłówka

3 levels of vibration intensity

The vibrations in the rocker will calm the baby down, and because each child is different, the TROPICANA rocker is equipped with a vibration intensity level adjustment in as many as 3 ranges.

Fotelik samochodowy Mali który jest dostępny w 4 wersjach kolorystycznych w czerwonym, żółtym, różowym, szarym


For the safety of babies, the rocker-bouncer is equipped with 3-point safety belts with a wide crotch strap, which keeps the child in a safe position. The bouncer is intended for children who cannot sit up on their own (up to about 9 kg or 6 months).

Fotelik samochodowy Baby Tiger Mali z zdejmowanym pokrowcem który można łatwo zdjąć i wyprać w pralce.

Beautiful, original design

The TROPICANA rocker is in a floral, tropical style. It will fit well in interiors decorated in various styles. It will fit both in the children's room and in the living room. A plant motif, interspersed with exotic animals, will stimulate the child's imagination.

BrandBaby Tiger
Warranty24 months
ApprovalsProduct tested and approved in accordance with European safety standards EN 12790
Materials100% polyester
Product sizes49 x 55 x 49 cm
Product weight1,9 kg
Child's weightup to 9 kg
Child's ageFor children who cannot sit up on their own
Additional informationSeat belts, Toy bar, Vibration system, Melodies, Removable cover

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