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Krzełko do karmienia Baby Tiger BENJI kolor różowy

BENJI is a functional, robust, feeding chair which will benefit you and your little one for many years. The seat and backrest height-adjustment system make it possible to adjust them to your child’s needs and height. Convenience and mobility are ensured by quick and easy folding, and the built-in wheels allow easy transport. The adjustable tray with removable top will serve well during meal and play. Safe, practical, and easy to clean. This is what the BENJI high chair is like!



  • from the moment the baby starts sitting to 36 months
  • 7-step seat-height adjustment
  • 3-step backrest-tilt adjustment
  • adjustable and detachable tray with removable top
  • a simple system for quick folding and unfolding
  • easy to clean
  • adjustable footrest

  • 5-point safety harness

  • back-legs wheels
  • maximum load -15 kg
  • tool-free installation
Fotelik samochodowy Baby Tiger Mali pasy bezpieczeństwa

Versatility and functionality

The seat-height adjustment is simple and intuitive. You can easily adjust the chair to your table height and the child’s needs. All this makes it possible for you and your little one to eat together at the same table!

Fotelik samochodowy Baby Tiger Mali kolor czerwono-czarny dla dzieci od 9 kg do 36 kg


The chair has been developed maintaining the highest-quality standards, and approved according to European safety standard EN 14988. However, to make every meal a safe “discovery of the world”, fasten your child in the 5-point safety harness, which will stop especially the most-rebellious toddlers! If necessary, you can remove the harness and clean it. A lock between the legs provides additional protection against slipping out of the seat. 

Fotelik samochodowy Mali z wkładkami które można usunąć kiedy dziecko urośnie

Greatest comfort

BENJI is a chair which combines functionality with comfort. Every parent knows that learning about flavours is a real adventure for little explorers. It is so engaging that it sometimes leads to fatigue and even naps. To meet these needs, BENJI has 3-step backrest adjustment, from the sitting to the lying position. You can adjust the seat tilt to the activity of your little one. A quick adjustment is made at the touch of a button. Also, an adjustable footrest keeps your baby’s legs in the right position while sitting.

Fotelik samochodowy Mali z regulacja zagłówka


You can fold the BENJI high chair into the standing position in just a few seconds. No tools required! You can clip the tray to the chair’s rear legs. At the back of the chair, there is a handle for comfortable carrying.

Fotelik samochodowy Mali który jest dostępny w 4 wersjach kolorystycznych w czerwonym, żółtym, różowym, szarym

Anywhere you want

The rear legs have wheels, which allow you to move the chair freely wherever you want to feed your baby - in the living room, dining room, or garden. The anti-slip pads on the front legs and the brake at the rear wheels ensure stability during meals.

Fotelik samochodowy Baby Tiger Mali z zdejmowanym pokrowcem który można łatwo zdjąć i wyprać w pralce.

Easy to clean - convenience for the parent

You do not have to worry about seat soiling while the baby eats! The soft, removable cover is waterproof and easy to clean. You can wipe away whatever your toddler drops with a damp cloth. What’s more, you can wash the tray in the dishwasher. This will save your time for small pleasures like drinking coffee! 

BrandBaby Tiger
Warranty24 months
ApprovalsProduct tested and approved in accordance with European safety standards EN 14988
MaterialsPVC, plastic
Product sizes84,5 x 57 x 86-105 cm
Product weight8,4 kg
Child's weightup to 15 kg
Child's agefrom 6 months
Additional informationNon-slip feet, Wheels, Seat belts, Backrest adjustment, Height adjustment, Removable cover, Removable table top

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