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Car seat 9-36 kg Mali, gray

Car seat 9-36 kg Mali, gray
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Fotelik samochodowy Baby Tiger Mali kolor szaro-czarny dla dzieci od 9 kg do 36 kg

The MALI car seat will ensure a safe and comfortable journey for your child. It meets the ECE R44/04 European standard and has undergone rigorous crash tests at the renowned Dutch institute, TASS INTERNATIONAL. In addition, it features reinforced side guards, an adjustable headrest and a 5-point inner belts.


  • Safe transport of children from 9 kg to 36 kg in a forward-facing position
  • Side guards to protect the child's head and shoulders 
  • Easy to install using 3-point car seat belts
  • 5-point seat belts with protectors 
  • 7-level height adjustment of the headrest with a locking mechanism 
  • 2 inserts for the youngest children 
  • Seat reinforced in the lumbar area
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, weighs only 4 kg
  • Removable, washable upholstery
    Fotelik samochodowy Baby Tiger Mali pasy bezpieczeństwa


    The MALI has undergone crash tests at TASS INTERNATIONAL and meets the European requirements of ECE R44/04. The appropriately adapted headrest protects the child's head and cervical spine during side and rear impacts. As for the reinforced side guards, their function is to disperse the impact force during a side impact. The seat is equipped with 5-point safety belts, with the option to change its location and adjustment in two positions. 

    Fotelik samochodowy Baby Tiger Mali kolor czerwono-czarny dla dzieci od 9 kg do 36 kg

    Crash tests

    MALI has undergone a crash test at TASS INTERNATIONAL, and also meets the European requirements ECE R44 / 04.

    Fotelik samochodowy Mali z wkładkami które można usunąć kiedy dziecko urośnie

    For the little ones

    MALI has 2 pleasant to the touch inserts for smaller children. Thanks to these, the seat can be even better adapted to the needs of your little one. As your child grows, you will be able to remove them at any time. Your little one will be seated in an ideal position to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

    Fotelik samochodowy Mali z regulacja zagłówka


    The profiled seat and backrest will make travelling by car much more pleasant. The headrest is comfortable and easy to adjust within the range of +/- 8cm. You can change its position with one hand, adjusting it to your child's height. Your little one will always feel cosy and comfortable. It is extremely easy to put the child in the seat and to take them out of it.

    Fotelik samochodowy Mali który jest dostępny w 4 wersjach kolorystycznych w czerwonym, żółtym, różowym, szarym


    MALI is available in 4 colour versions. The seat's upholstery is made of durable and pleasant to the touch material, which is breathable to make your little traveller feel comfortable.

    Fotelik samochodowy Baby Tiger Mali z zdejmowanym pokrowcem który można łatwo zdjąć i wyprać w pralce.

    Removable cover

    Frequently appearing juice stains are a real recurring nightmare for many parents. MALI to the rescue! The upholstery can be easily removed and machine washed. Keeping it clean is extremely easy!

    BrandBaby Tiger
    Warranty24 miesiące
    ApprovalsProdukt testowany i zatwierdzony zgodnie z europejskimi standardami bezpieczeństwa EN 71-1
    Materials100% poliester, plastik PE
    Product sizes40 x 42 x 66-74 cm
    Product weight4 kg
    Child's weightod 9 do 36 kg
    Child's ageod 9 miesięcy do 5 lat
    Mounting the seat in relation to the direction of travelPrzodem do kierunku jazdy
    Montage methodSamochodowy pas bezpieczeństwa
    Additional informationRegulacja pozycji dziecka, Regulacja zagłówka, Zdejmowana tapicerka, Napinacz pasa

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