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Three-wheeled bicycle - FLY green

Rowerek trójkołowy Baby Tiger FLY

Cycling is a great way to explore and discover the world. The FLY tricycle - the perfect choice that will serve your child for many years! It can be pushed by an adult, and when the toddler grows up, he can ride it on his own. Rotating seat with one button allows you to drive forward or backward.


  • Suitable for children from 9 months to 5 years
  • The soft, comfortable seat allows you to cover even longer routes - making every walk a pleasure
  • The swivel seat allows the child to be transported both forward and rearward facing
  • Large EVA wheels that do not require pumping
  • Detachable railing with the possibility of complete disassembly
  • Brakes on the rear wheels
  • Freewheel function - the child can pedal independently of the person driving the bicycle
  • Folding footrest for younger children, indispensable on first trips
  • 3-step height adjustment of the parent's handle
  • Large, foldable canopy + airy mesh on the back
  • Aesthetic finish
  • Accessories included: bell, cup holder, large shopping basket behind the seat
  • The product complies with the European standard EN 71-1
    Fotelik samochodowy Baby Tiger Mali pasy bezpieczeństwa

    It grows with your baby

    Numerous regulations make it possible to transport both younger and older children. All elements are removable and configurable to suit your and your child's needs. You can easily adjust FLY to the age and motor skills of your little one!

    Fotelik samochodowy Baby Tiger Mali kolor czerwono-czarny dla dzieci od 9 kg do 36 kg

    Intuitively rotated 360-degree seat

    You can set the seat forward or rearward facing depending on the age of the child. Initially, you keep an eye on the toddler, but then the child determines the direction of travel by observing the world around him. All you need to do is click a button and you're done!

    Fotelik samochodowy Mali z wkładkami które można usunąć kiedy dziecko urośnie

    Comfortable travel

    Large, non-punched EVA wheels will work on any surface. The FLY tricycle can easily overcome high curbs and uneven surfaces. And thanks to the freewheel function, the little explorer can pedal, but you choose the direction.

    Fotelik samochodowy Mali z regulacja zagłówka

    Simple control

    You steer the bike until the child starts to ride independently. You can adjust the height of the handle to your height. You don't have to slouch or feel uncomfortable! Importantly, you can easily disassemble it.

    Fotelik samochodowy Mali który jest dostępny w 4 wersjach kolorystycznych w czerwonym, żółtym, różowym, szarym


    The safety of the FLY tricycle is ensured by 2-point belts with an additional crotch strap and a railing that will protect your child from accidentally slipping out of the bicycle. In addition, the possibility of unfastening it, will facilitate the insertion and removal of smaller children. The high backrest will provide a stable position for the baby's spine and head. The brakes on the rear wheels increase safety during stops and when putting the child in and out of the tricycle.

    Fotelik samochodowy Mali który jest dostępny w 4 wersjach kolorystycznych w czerwonym, żółtym, różowym, szarym

    Numerous useful accessories

    The bell is an indispensable gadget for a little cyclist that will signal his presence on the road. A cup holder and a shopping basket will allow you to take all the necessary trinkets for a walk.

    BrandBaby Tiger
    Warranty24 months
    ApprovalsThe product is tested and approved in accordance with European safety standards EN 71-1
    MaterialsEVA wheels, steel frame, material 100% polyester
    Product sizes125 x 48 x 110 cm
    Product weight9 kg
    Child's weightdo 25 kg
    Child's agefrom 9 months
    Wheels sizeFront: 25 cm (10 "), Rear: 20 cm (8")

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